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Products List

The Price List Manager’s Product List provides comprehensive information on how to efficiently manage your product inventory, including adding new items, editing existing ones, deleting products, viewing logs, performing bulk price edits, and more. Read on to learn about each functionality in detail.

1. New Item:

The “New Item” function allows you to add new products to your inventory. When creating a new item, you’ll need to provide the following details:

  • Name: The name of the product.
  • Base Price: The initial price of the product.
  • Status: The availability status of the product (e.g., active, inactive).
  • Inner Packing Item Quantity: The quantity of individual items within an inner packing.
  • Outer Packing Quantity: The number of inner packing units within an outer packing.
  • Suiting Length: Length measurement for suiting products (if applicable).
  • Shirting Length: Length measurement for shirting products (if applicable).
  • Item Packing Type: Type of packing for individual items (e.g., box, bag).
  • Inner Packing Type: Type of packing for inner packing units.

2. Edit Item:

The “Edit Item” function allows you to modify the details of existing products. You can update any of the fields mentioned in the “New Item” section above. To edit an item, select the product you want to modify and update the relevant fields.

3. Delete Item:

The “Delete Item” function lets you remove products from your inventory. This action is irreversible, so exercise caution when using this feature. To delete an item, select the product you wish to remove and confirm the deletion.

4. Logs:

The “Logs” feature provides a comprehensive record of actions taken within the Product List. This includes details about when items were added, edited, or deleted, along with specifics of the changes made. The logs offer transparency and serve as an audit trail for tracking inventory management activities.

5. Bulk Edit Price:

The “Bulk Edit Price” function allows you to perform price adjustments for multiple products simultaneously. You can specify the amount of change and the effective date from which the new prices will apply. Additionally, you can choose between two types of price adjustments:

  • Flat: A fixed amount added or subtracted from the existing prices.
  • Percentage: A percentage increase or decrease based on the existing prices.

6. Delete All Price Changes:

The “Delete All Price Changes” function enables you to revert any bulk price edits made in the past. This action will undo the changes made to the prices of multiple products within a specified time frame.

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